Delivering Quality Products At Good Value, Everywhere

Established in Singapore in 1965, Lulu Mosacpol prides itself as a 100% Singapore owned company with over 45 years in the trade and distribution of household and industrial cleaners.


We started by producing common household cleaners like bleach, floor detergents and dish wishing liquids from a 500 sq ft operation. In the 1980's we expanded our distribution footprint throughout East & West Malaysia, Brunei and across Singapore supermarkets like Fitzpatrick's, Yaohan and Cold Storage.


We subsequently diversified into higher value products, developed a champion formula and switched our business model to the world of industrial cleaning.


Today we are a 10,000 sq ft operation spanning two units of three-storey factory flatted space. We are a leading supplier of industrial cleansers in Singapore and in the Philippines. Our super concentrated formulas require much less volume, thereby contributing to a significant reduction in transportation freight charges. The super concentrated formulas not only meet the stringent cleaning demands of our customers but also offer good business value with an edge in pricing.